World Champion Steak & BBQ, NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach, Life w/ MS, Mom X 4

My Story

Sunny is the 2021 World Food Steak Champion and has received numerous awards and multiple 1st place and top 5 finishes in multiple categories in BBQ and Grilling.

After a life altering diagnosis of a brain and spinal malformation along with MS, Sunny went through a major lifestyle transformation losing 80 pounds which ignited a fire inside her to become a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer. She now develops recipes with her extensive background in nutrition to create mouthwatering dishes, some of which include wood, smoke, and seasonings to infuse flavor to create healthy options.

Nothing gives her more satisfaction than teaching others how to create mouthwatering food through BBQ and Grilling.

I don’t care if I ever win again, if I can help people find Joy and feel more comfortable in BBQ, Grilling, or Competitions!! To share the love of “Que-ing” is my passion!


Thank you for reading

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